Slidell Wedding Venues

Slidell Wedding Venues: A Perfect Destination for Your Wedding

Slidell Weddings

Situated on Lake Pontchartrain and just north of New Orleans, Slidell, Louisiana, is home to some of the best wedding venues in the state. The pickiest brides will find what they are looking for when they look at Slidell Wedding Venues. Slidell has some of the most unique wedding locations. Here are a few that are beautiful and affordable for any budget bride.

 Parks – Slidell is surrounded on all sides by wildlife refuges and parks that make for great Slidell Wedding Venues. Park rangers are great for helping organize your event and preparing the area for your wedding venue. Brides who love the great outdoors can enjoy the beauty of Louisiana surrounded by the Louisiana bayous. These bayous may not appear at first glance to be the picture of beauty and elegance, but at sunset, these same bayous are filled with romance and style.

 Canals – Slidell has beautiful canals reminiscent of southern California with high society living, complete with yachts. Largely a residential area, Eden Island offers great wedding locales right on the water. If a view of Lake Pontchartrain just doesn’t suit, brides can rent a yacht that will cruise the lake and canals during their ceremony. Yachts can also be rented as a reception space, wowing your guests with your high-class style.Slidell's best wedding location

 Pontchartrain – Lake Pontchartrain is an icon of Louisiana and offers great Slidell wedding venues. With Slidell being located so close to the lake, there are also wonderful beaches for those who can’t afford an expensive destination wedding. Because of the close proximity to the lake, there are plenty of lagoons that offer a gorgeous wedding venue to even the most selective of brides. Even though it sounds more like swamp land, brides show off the natural beauty of Louisiana, and save money on decorations.

 Slidell Wedding Venues 

Plantations – The best way to capture southern charm when selecting Slidell wedding venues is at a plantation. Plantations have all the charm of the antebellum south, allowing every bride to have a dream wedding with big style. Albany Plantation is the most Slidell La Wedding Venuesaffordable plantation or any other Slidell wedding venue. Albany Plantation offers affordable packaged deals for brides and their bridal party. No other wedding sites offer you affordable prices like Albany Plantation with all the southern charm you expect. So Give them a Call Today 225.567.6545

 City – Of course, the city of Slidell offers plenty of great wedding spots to choose. From churches to banquet halls, a bride can find a venue to suit all her creative needs. Slidell gives brides that small town charm for their wedding guests. There are plenty of places for accommodations that also offer banquet rooms for your reception. Bundling guest accommodations with your reception is a great way to save money.

Slidell wedding venue locations

Brides will enjoy all the options when choosing from the variety of Slidell wedding venues. With beautiful outdoor locations, great reception areas, and intimate ceremony venues, brides can capture the right atmosphere for their wedding. Having great locations with affordable prices allows budget brides to get the dream wedding they have always wanted. When brides are looking for beautiful and reasonably priced wedding venues, they should always look in Slidell, Louisiana. Call Albany Plantation Today, your Slidell Wedding location. 225.567.6545